Vanity. Grooming,  face and skin routines, and hair treatments. These topics remain a taboo for men. Men usually avoid talking about it with their bros.

As much as possible, we try to keep these things secret. Or even deny that we do such things. We find salons and treatments “girly” and “off-limits.”

What if I tell you that change has come? A lot of men are already open and are not ashamed to go inside salons and vanity shops. If you still do not believe me, listen to this important news.

Tucked in one corner of TriNoma Mall, there is a quaint sports-themed barbershop that offers a line-up of globally-acclaimed hair care products and services that are medically-proven effective in combating hair loss—Razor Sports.

What can be more manly than basketball?

Founded in 2012, Razor Sports offers a full service of grooming services—including shaving, haircuts (from old school to trendy ones), facials and manicures—and products, like pomades, shampoos, hair balms and beard oils. But the one thing that separates this groovy man cave from other similar establishments is its Bosley Professional Strength (Bosley Pro) Hair and Scalp Care Services.

Bosley Pro is a U.S. brand founded by Bosley Medical, the world’s leading organization for hair loss solutions and medical hair loss restorations. Bosley Pro’s wide range of professional-use products allows hair professionals to address varying degrees of hair loss regardless of hair type. The flagship service under the line, the Bosley Scalp Microdermabrasion, promises to help increase hair growth by creating a healthy environment for it to grow.

I definitely loved their service. The staff were all nice and accommodating.


With the help of LifeXtend Complex, a patented technology that combines pentapeptides, marine plankton extract, and apple stem cell to nourish the hair and scalp. It exfoliates flaky dead skin cells, unclogs follicles, and addresses hair and scalp aging at a cellular level.

What can be more manly than basketball and boxing? Need I say more?

It’s recommended for everyone who wants to generally improve the state of their scalp and hair.

Afraid of long waits? No need to worry, customers have their own screens and you can choose movies to watch while having your hair done.

In addition to the said service, Razor Sports also offers other Bosley Pro services like Moisture Therapy (for those whose hair needs a healthy moisture boost), Strengthening Treatment (for those with brittle hair), and Touch Up (a service that instantly eliminates the appearance of baldness and thinning hair with fibers). It also sells Bosley Pro homecare products that every guy (or gal) can take home to enjoy the same signature Bosley Pro care every day.

I was planning to grow my hair long, but its really hard doing so with our country’s tropics. This was me saying goodbye to my hair and welcoming change. I was super nervous.
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I absolutely loved my new do. It’s light and refreshing.
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And of course, my fave is the Bosley Scalp Microdermabrasion treatment. My scalp felt energized, clean and fresh after!

Razor Sports is located at the third floor of TriNoma Mall, near Mindanao Car Park. To know more about it, you may follow and and like You may also email or call 0917-326-2641 to make reservations.

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